The Revolabs Range of Wireless Microphone Systems

X Tag single channel USB, 4 and 8 channel systems expandable to 24 channels, Universal wireless adaptor for hand held microphones. Wearable and table top Microphones. Ideal for all audio applications including:-


Wireless ............................. Flexible ....................................... Secure

High Definition Audio for Voice Applications

The HD Wireless Microphone frequency response is CD quality, 50 Hertz to 20k Hertz, which allows it to pick up the entire human voice spectrum of 80 Hz to 14 kHz.  This wideband frequency response improves sound fidelity.


RF-Armour Wireless Microphones

All Revolabs Wireless Microphones are available with RF –armour option which makes them impervious to Radio Frequency (RF) interference!  They can be used in direct contact with all wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones, smart phones, etc. 



All of Revolabs Wireless Microphones use 128-bit encryption, so that no one can listen into your conversations.  This is critical for companies/organisations using audio/video-conferencing to discuss confidential information.













Sleek New Microphone Designs

HD Wireless Microphones will look great on your conference room table.  All of the new HD Wireless Microphone types, wearable, tabletop, and the adapters for a handheld or Countryman microphone, are unobtrusive, yet very sleek.















No wires in your conference room!  Great sound and natural mobility! 


The Single and Dual Channel Systems and the Executive HD Systems can use any combination of the Wireless Microphones – Wearable, Table Top Omni-directional, Table Top Directional or XLR Adapter for Handheld microphone or the Adapter for the Countryman microphone.


The Wireless Microphone has a rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of talk time after each full charge. The Microphone charges when it is in the Charger Base that ships with each system. The Wireless Microphone recharges to 75% capacity in approximately 45 minutes.









The xTag is a plug-and-play USB device that is instantly recognized by all operating systems and is immediately usable out of its box.  It does not require any software drivers for configuration.


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